Sourcing commercial drugs for clinical trials can be expensive and complicated, but not when you partner with us. Our focus is on ensuring that your trials progress smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Because we minimize the financial, operational and regulatory risks associated with comparator sourcing in the United States, you will have more time to focus on what really matters, innovation and developing new products.

Our pharmaceutical sourcing specialists leverage a vast network of manufactures, wholesalers and other thoughtfully selected health-care professionals in order to provide our clients with cost-effective access to virtually any product. You name the product, including those that are challenging to source, and we make it our mission to deliver it where you need it and when you need it.

The PharmaStrategies Advantage

We Understand How Critical Comparator Drugs Are To The Success Of Your Trials

Just-In-Time Inventory

PharmaStrategies utilizes a proven Specialty Pharmacy network to ensure timely delivery of expensive comparator drugs within the United States.

$0.00 Comparator Product Waste

PharmaStrategies eliminates comparator drug product waste, thereby, saving our clients 20% to 40% of the cost of the comparator drug.

$0.00 Subject Out-of-Pocket Cost

PharmaStrategies employs comprehensive reimbursement services to significantly reduce the comparator drug cost for our clients. Subjects randomized to the comparator drug pay no out-of-pocket co-pay, thereby, eliminating any financial burden on the Subjects.

Customer Commitment

PharmaStrategies is committed to building strong partnerships with our clients since 2006. We continue to impact cost savings and innovation in the area of Supply Chain Management while working closely with our clients’ current vendors.